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Instructional Design and Development Consultant and consultations in elearning and distance education. We aim to provide tips and ideas for your e-learning projects....From Freelancers to development tips as well as providing students the resources they need to successfully complete online training. You want to make the right choices when you create your e-learning program.


Creating Your elearning modules

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You want to make the right choices when you create your e-learning program.Richard Greene can help you choose the services you need:

  • SCORM Implementation ? Get the source code and expertise you need to implement SCORM 1.2 and SCORM 2004 based authoring tools and Learning Management Systems (LMS).
  • Needs Analysis ? Identify and prioritize performance shortfalls. Identify e-learning solutions that can be implemented with low risk and low cost. Calculate potential return of investment.
  • Specify e-Learning Requirements ? Identify e-learning products and services that can meet your needs. Identify and prioritize the e-learning functions. Specify technical and operational requirements for your new e-learning solution.
  • e-Learning System Evaluation ? Identify potential vendors that can meet your needs. Develop representative scenarios that vendors can use to demonstrate their capabilities. Develop a request for proposal and proposal grading criteria.
  • LMS Implementation ? Develop an implementation plan. Establish and document new roles, responsibilities and operational procedures. Develop a training and communications plan for learners, instructors, managers and administrators.
  • Develop an e-Learning Content Development Program ? Specify new e-learning design and development procedures that can easily fit with existing procedures. Establish and document new development teams roles and responsibilities. Conduct an e-learning design and development workshop to prepare your staff for the new e-learning project.
  • Evaluation ? Design tools to measure improvements in your organization due to e-learning. Measure the effectiveness of the e-learning program on skills and performance. Provide recommendations for further improvements.
  • Review e-Learning Plan and Process ? Get an independent, expert review your e-learning plan and process.