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Instructional Design and Development Consultant and consultations in elearning and distance education. We aim to provide tips and ideas for your e-learning projects....From Freelancers to development tips as well as providing students the resources they need to successfully complete online training. You want to make the right choices when you create your e-learning program.

Free Developer Tools

Below is a list of course authoring tools. think rapid e-learning authoring software.   The list is followed by free open source software that mimics and can even beat IMO some of its more well known competitors that you might use when building your WBT. All software below is free.

Rapid E-Learning Course Software

  • NVUI HTML Editor-Free html editor Very Robust FrontPage and Dreamweaver equivalent
  • Open Office- Free equvilant to Microsoft Office. Create and open word document without the cost
  • GIMP- Free Image editing software
  • eXe - SCORM 1.2, targets academia
  • xical.org create web based screen shots, tutorials, include audio/video, rich media, animation, etc.
  • Quandry create web based action mazes, they claim it is sort of an interactive case study..u b the judge
  • udutu The course and sim authoring tool does not have to be used with their LMS
  • JeLSim Builder - SAAS e-learning simulation software create in java can be used in corporate, semi target education
  • CourseLab –  E-learning authoring tool that offers programming-free WYSIWYG environment for creating very nice interactive e-learning content which can be published on the Internet, Learning Management Systems (LMS),  ADL SCORM 2004 CERTIFIED
  • MOS Solo - Content authoring tool
  • MLOAT – Multimedia Learning Object Authoring Tool.  SCORM compliant learning object generator, customized editing interface, web based media player that works across multiple platforms, video/audio, image slides, text synchronization
  • Reload Turn content into SCORM  package, appears to be SCORM 1.2
  • Camstudio The closest system you can come to  that is similar to Camtasia &  some people say Captivate
  • Xerte - Open source tools for e-learning developers and designers.  Can produce interactive learning materials.  Tech skills are intermediate.
  • WBT Express – Content authoring tool. They offer a free one and paid one
  • Freez Screen Video Capture – Screen-capture & screen-recording tool to record screen activities and sounds into standard AVI video files. You can record any part of the screens activities,plus use a mic for voice-overs (narration). Output video compressor and audio formt output included.
  • Wink - I have mentioned them before because plenty of people feel that this is close to Captivate. Personally, it is more like Camtasia, but you can be the judge.
  • Audacity I use this all the time. The best sound editor and yes, you can record your voice or input into the solution.You can use it to do V/Os tutorials, use it with e-learning courses audio editing and recording.  Easier to learn and use than Camtasias audio, and u can use it for audio for ur Articulate, Captivate, etc.  This is one you need to include in your toolbox, even if you are using paid products. I love it that much.
  • Classtools.net – Create educational games, activities and diagrams in a Flash
  • Microsoft LCD

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