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Instructional Design and Development Consultant and consultations in elearning and distance education. We aim to provide tips and ideas for your e-learning projects....From Freelancers to development tips as well as providing students the resources they need to successfully complete online training. You want to make the right choices when you create your e-learning program.

Freelance Site

Outsource your Projects to Experienced Professionals.

Service Providers experienced in: Instructional Design, Development, Programming, writing, storyboards and marketing projects on Distant eLearning.com.

Our Freelance site is ready to go!!!! And we are very excited to get this running as quick as possible. We have done a major marketing blitz to programmers around the world to join our site and assist with all of your development needs. Sign up now to be prepared for the development programmers to assist with your needs.

Site is available at the link below:


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